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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2011

Volume 5, Issue 1

January 2011

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    • Evaluating opportunities for increasing power capacity of existing overhead line systems
      New technique for computation of closest Hopf bifurcation point using real-coded genetic algorithm
      Humidity and contamination severity impact on the leakage currents of porcelain insulators
      Unscented Kalman filter for power system dynamic state estimation
      Optimal design of low-voltage distribution networks for CO2 emission minimisation. Part I: model formulation and circuit continuous optimisation
      Optimal design of low-voltage distribution networks for CO2 emission minimisation. Part II: Discrete optimisation of radial networks and comparison with alternative design strategies
      Kalman filtering based approach for light flicker evaluation of power systems
      Application of biogeography-based optimisation to solve different optimal power flow problems
      Seeker optimisation algorithm: application to the solution of economic load dispatch problems
      Unbalanced distribution network fault analysis with hybrid compensation
      Incorporating superconducting fault current limiters in the probabilistic evaluation of transient recovery voltage
      Voltage enhancement in industrial distribution systems using narrow-band filters
      Evidence theory-based fake measurement identification and fault-tolerant protection in digital substations
      Optimal voltage support mechanism in distribution networks
      Unsymmetrical open-conductor analysis for unbalanced weakly meshed distribution systems
      Experimental studies on discharge initiation from an icicle tip under DC voltage

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