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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2010

Volume 4, Issue 2

February 2010

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    • Editorial: Electricity markets: analysis & operations
      Optimal self-scheduling and bidding strategy of a thermal unit subject to ramp constraints and price uncertainty
      Generation self-scheduling with partial information on the probability distribution of prices
      Market oriented bidding strategy considering market price dynamics and generation cost characteristics
      Re-defining the reactive power dispatch problem in the context of competitive electricity markets
      Bilevel programming applied to power system vulnerability analysis under multiple contingencies
      Emission allowances auction for an oligopolistic electricity market operating under cap-and-trade
      Emission-constrained optimal generation scheduling incorporating equity principles
      Dynamic programming approach to the bilateral contract scheduling
      Simulation embedded artificial intelligence search method for supplier trading portfolio decision
      Social welfare analysis of the Iberian electricity market accounting for carbon emission prices
      Market power analysis in the oligopoly electricity markets under network constraints
      Some analytical results on conjectural variation models for short-term electricity markets
      Solving Cournot equilibriums with variational inequalities algorithms
      Optimal distributed generation location using mixed integer non-linear programming in hybrid electricity markets
      Long-term optimal allocation of hydro generation for a price-maker company in a competitive market: latest developments and a stochastic dual dynamic programming approach
      Design and operation of the locational marginal prices-based electricity markets
      Practices on real-time market operation evaluation

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