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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2008

Volume 2, Issue 2

March 2008

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    • Sensitivity studies on power transformer ferroresonance of a 400 kV double circuit
      Restoration strategy for secondary power network with grey relational analysis
      Swarm intelligence-based strategic bidding in competitive electricity markets
      Numerical analysis of potential distribution between ground electrodes of HVDC system considering the effect of deep earth layers
      Measuring power system harmonics and interharmonics by an improved fast Fourier transform-based algorithm
      Well-being analysis for composite generation and transmission systems based on pattern recognition techniques
      Autonomous controller for improved dynamic performance of AC grid, parallel-connected, single-phase inverters
      Detection of voltage sag sources based on instantaneous voltage and current vectors and orthogonal Clarke's transformation
      Identification of static load characteristics based on measurements in medium-voltage distribution network
      Adaptive-neuro-fuzzy inference system approach for transmission line fault classification and location incorporating effects of power swings
      Improving power system dynamic performance using wide-area high-voltage direct current damping control
      Risk-based distributed generation placement
      High impedance fault detection in power distribution networks using time–frequency transform and probabilistic neural network
      New differential protection scheme for tapped transmission line
      Nodal congestion price estimation in spot power market using artificial neural network
      Optimal wind–battery coordination in a power system using evolutionary iteration particle swarm optimisation
      Modelling and validation of a squirrel cage induction generator wind turbine during connection to the local grid

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