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Volume 14, Issue 9, 11 May 2020

Volume 14, Issue 9

11 May 2020

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    • Multifactorial condition assessment for power transformers
      Decision support system for optimal location of HIFDs in real distribution network using an integrated EPSO-fuzzy AHP model
      Graph-theoretic based approach for the load-flow solution of three-phase distribution network in the presence of distributed generations
      Optimal pricing strategy of power-retailing companies considering demand response in block bidding markets
      Data-driven distributionally robust joint planning of distributed energy resources in active distribution network
      Improved tight and effective two-binary-variable formulations for UC problems
      FPGA implementation of an Islanding detection technique for microgrid using periodic maxima of superimposed voltage components
      Intelligent topology-oriented LS scheme in power systems integrated with high wind power penetration
      Regularised primal–dual interior-point method for dynamic optimal power flow with block-angular structures
      Novel travelling wave directional pilot protection for VSC-HVDC transmission line
      Design and tests of a super real-time simulation-based power system real-time decision-making emergency control system
      Robust multi-agent system for efficient online energy management and security enforcement in a grid-connected microgrid with hybrid resources
      Investigating the effects of demand flexibility on electricity retailers’ business through a tri-level optimisation model
      Efficiency of different optimisation approaches for optimal parameters of the CSM for investigating the onset field due to corona point
      Robust sub-synchronous damping controller to mitigate SSCI in series-compensated DFIG-based wind park
      Reliability-based smart-maintenance model for power system generators
      Investigating the effect of ambient temperature on fault-induced delayed voltage recovery events
    • Reconfiguration and reinforcement allocation as applied to hourly medium-term load forecasting of distribution feeders

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