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Volume 14, Issue 8, 24 April 2020

Volume 14, Issue 8

24 April 2020

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    • Behavioural mechanism and stability control of VSC–HVDC/weak AC hybrid grid after large disturbances
      Operation of grid-connected DFIG using SPWM- and THIPWM-based diode-clamped multilevel inverters
      Hexagon raster-based method for distribution network planning considering line routes and pole locations
      Coordinated optimal dispatch of VPPs in unbalanced ADNs
      Investigation of simultaneous effect of demand response and load uncertainty on distribution feeder reconfiguration
      BD-VSS individual weighting factor sign based adaptive filter control for power quality improvement in weak distribution grid
      Fast transient-based detection of busbar faults employing improved morphological gradient
      Estimating DLMP confidence intervals in distribution networks with AC power flow model and uncertain renewable generation
      Local adaptive pinning synchronisation for distributed secondary control of islanded microgrid
      On-line monitoring device for dry zone formation in the soil surrounding underground power cables
      Bi-level optimised emergency load/generator shedding strategy for AC/DC hybrid system following DC blocking
      De-noising of time-domain spectroscopy data for reliable assessment of power transformer insulation
      Two-stage scenario-based DEP incorporating PEV using Benders’ decomposition
      Typical current modelling and feature extraction of high voltage circuit breaker towards condition analysis and fault diagnosis
      ADP-based decentralised algorithm for the optimal energy flow of the electricity–natural gas system
      Network loss management and allocating the transmission losses to loads and generation units according to their transactions
      Intelligent energy management in microgrid using prediction errors from uncertain renewable power generation
      Determination of operating conditions of LCC for PCOV calculation based on detailed analysis of commutation overshoot
      Hybrid feature selection–artificial intelligence–gravitational search algorithm technique for automated transformer fault determination based on dissolved gas analysis
      Linear LAV-based state estimation integrating hybrid SCADA/PMU measurements
      Analysis of training techniques of ANN for classification of insulators in electrical power systems
      Real-time implementation of active shunt compensator with adaptive SRLMMN control technique for power quality improvement in the distribution system

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