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Volume 14, Issue 7, 14 April 2020

Volume 14, Issue 7

14 April 2020

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    • Online synchronous generator out-of-step prediction by electrical power curve fitting
      Convolutional Neural Network-Based Intelligent Protection Strategy for Microgrids
      Extra transient block for virtual synchronous machine with better performance
      Evaluation of cyber-physical power systems in cascading failure: node vulnerability and systems connectivity
      Transactive energy coordination mechanism for community microgrids supplying multi-dwelling residential apartments
      Fault diagnosis of circuit breakers based on time–frequency and chaotic vibration analysis
      Hybrid DA-PSO approach for optimal location and parameter settings for TCSC controller in power system
      Thermal analysis and derating of a power transformer with harmonic loads
      Cable incipient fault identification using restricted Boltzmann machine and stacked autoencoder
      Adaptive boundary determination for network reduction in long-term voltage stability analyses
      Method to estimate sag frequency in doubly fed induction generator integrated power system based on adaptive kernel density estimation
      Modelling for switching impulse breakdown of live working gaps between equipotential worker and transmission towers
      Load frequency control assessment of tidal power plant and capacitive energy storage systems supported microgrid
      Artificial neural network approach for revealing market competitors’ behaviour
      Design of coordination mechanisms for price anticipatory transactive microgrids
      Adaptive spline-based PLL for synchronisation and power quality improvement in distribution system
      Fast restoration of a critical remote load area using a gradual voltage build-up procedure
      Revised constraint-propagation method for distribution interval state estimation
      Network partitioning approach for reactive power/voltage control using analytical nodes coupling expressions
      Operation and control of hybrid HVDC system with LCC and full-bridge MMC connected in parallel
      Data-driven short-circuit detection and location in microgrids using micro-synchrophasors
      Simultaneous reactive power sharing and voltage regulation in an autonomous networked microgrid
      Algorithm for phasor estimation during current transformer saturation and/or DC component presence: definition and application in arc detection on overhead lines

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