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Volume 14, Issue 26, 29 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 26

29 December 2020

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    • Comprehensive review on hierarchical control of cyber-physical microgrid system
    • Novel phasor sequence-based fault detection scheme for wide-area backup protection of series-compensated line
      Graphic RCRA-PIDA tuning based on maximum sensitivity for automatic generation control of thermal and hydro power systems
      Controlled islanding algorithm for AC/DC hybrid power systems utilising DC modulation
      Development of a compact very low frequency cosine-rectangular and damped alternating current voltage generator for insulation testing of medium-voltage power cables
      Predictive event-triggered H load frequency control for hybrid power systems under denial-of-service attacks
      AC power flow based DLMP calculation and decomposition method to smooth power fluctuation of distributed renewable energy sources
      Application of random matrix model in multiple abnormal sources detection and location based on PMU monitoring data in distribution network
      Fault localisation and diagnosis in transmission networks based on robust deep Gabor convolutional neural network and PMU measurements
      Decentralised power distribution and SOC management algorithm for the hybrid energy storage of shipboard integrated power system
      Power sharing for transmission systems with 100% inverter-based generating resources
      Regional non-intrusive electric vehicle monitoring based on graph signal processing
      Fault classifications of MV transmission lines connected to wind farms using non-intrusive fault monitoring techniques on HV utility side
      Methodology of solution for the distribution network reconfiguration problem based on improved harmony search algorithm
      Stabilising transient disturbances with utility-scale inverter-based resources
      Data-driven robust planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for urban residential car parks
      Cracking risk analysis and control for high-voltage dry-type valve-side bushings
      Optimal dispatching method based on actual ramp rates of power generation units for minimising load demand response time
      Design and analysis of Levenberg–Marquardt-based adaptive SOGI
      Performance improvement of DFIG-based wind farms using NARMA-L2 controlled bridge-type flux coupling non-superconducting fault current limiter
      ADMM-based distributed response quantity estimation: a probabilistic perspective
      PQ chart: a real-time situational awareness tool for transmission lines
      Binary pathfinder algorithm for bus splitting optimisation problem
      Risk assessment by security-constrained unit commitment for hybrid wind-thermal by pair copula approach in reserve power market: a stochastic approach
      Coordinated G&TEP and carbon capture and storage expansion planning model for emission constrained power systems
      Measurements and characterisation of low and medium voltage residential, commercial, and industrial NB-PLC networks for AMI
      Ensemble empirical mode decomposition-based differential protection scheme for islanded and grid-tied AC microgrid
      Compensation voltage moduli comparison-based wide-area protection algorithm independent of data synchronism and integrity
      Design and HIL implementation of a new robust fractional sliding mode control of microgrids
      Digital image processing for physical basis analysis of electrical failure forecasting in XLPE power cables based on field simulation using finite-element method
      Novel hybrid signal processing approach based on empirical mode decomposition and multiscale mathematical morphology for islanding detection in distributed generation system
      Local blackout and global power system wide blackout are caused by non-linear negative damping
      Optimal allocation of soft open points in active distribution network with high penetration of renewable energy generations
      Two-stage robust optimal scheduling of cooperative microgrids based on expected scenarios
    • Protection schemes and settings of DC distribution systems

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