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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 14, Issue 17, 04 September 2020

Volume 14, Issue 17

04 September 2020

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    • Enhancement of linearity and constancy of PMU-based voltage stability index: application to a Korean wide-area monitoring system
      Employment of quasi oppositional SSA-based two-degree-of-freedom fractional order PID controller for AGC of assorted source of generations
      Transient stability of power systems with embedded VSC-HVDC links: stability margins analysis and control
      Cascaded controller for a standalone microgrid-connected inverter based on triple-action controller and particle swarm optimisation
      CC-ROGI-FLL based control for grid-tied photovoltaic system at abnormal grid conditions
      Data quality aware chance-constrained DC-OPF: a variational Bayesian Gaussian mixture approach
      Protection schemes using resistive-type superconducting fault current limiters with mechanical DC circuit breakers in MMC-MTDC grids
      Unified data-driven stochastic and robust service restoration method using non-parametric estimation in distribution networks with soft open points
      Voltage regulation in constrained distribution networks by coordinating electric vehicle charging based on hierarchical ADMM
      Forecasting and optimisation for microgrid in home energy management systems
      Static–dynamic hybrid sequential VPP network analysis
      Probabilistic decomposition-based security constrained transmission expansion planning incorporating distributed series reactor
      Dynamic equivalent method of PMSG-based wind farm for power system stability analysis
      Credibility-based secure distributed load frequency control for power systems under false data injection attacks
      Self-healing enhancement through co-deployment of automatic switches and electric vehicle PLs in an electricity distribution network
      Photovoltaic system operation as DSTATCOM for power quality improvement employing active current control
      Transmission expansion planning via power flow controlling technologies
      Sensitivity factors based transmission network topology control for violation relief
      Frequency-constrained unit-commitment using analytical solutions for system frequency responses considering generator contingencies
      Resilient co-expansion planning between gas and electric distribution networks against natural disasters
      Model predictive control with constant switching frequency for four-leg DSTATCOM using three-dimensional space vector modulation
      Stabilising influence of a synchronous condenser in low inertia networks
      Adjustable inertia implemented by bidirectional power converter in hybrid AC/DC microgrid
      Real-time estimation of ATC using PMU data and ANN

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