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Volume 14, Issue 13, 03 July 2020

Volume 14, Issue 13

03 July 2020

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    • The smart power cell concept: mastering TSO–DSO interactions for the secure and efficient operation of future power systems
      Design of DC-side fault current limiter for MMC-HVDC systems: Safety of the MMC along with frequency stability
      Implementation of hybrid SSA–SA based three-degree-of-freedom fractional-order PID controller for AGC of a two-area power system integrated with small hydro plants
      Fast identifying redundant security constraints in SCUC in the presence of uncertainties
      Data-driven approach for real-time distribution network reconfiguration
      Measurement-based wide-area damping of inter-area oscillations based on MIMO identification
      Co-planning of electricity and gas networks considering risk level assessment
      Imbalance recovery performance analysis and improvement for MMC-HVDC systems considering DC current dynamics
      Multi-slack power flow for islanded microgrids with radial and meshed topologies
      Integrated energy hub system based on power-to-gas and compressed air energy storage technologies in the presence of multiple shiftable loads
      Suppressing ineffective control actions in optimal power flow problems
      Slider-based multi-objective control for resilient microgrids
      Robust linear model for multi-period AC optimal power flow
      Fault phase selection method applied to tie line of renewable energy power stations
      Heterogeneous-decomposition-based coordinated optimisation for integrated transmission and distribution networks considering communication conditions
      Stochastic bidding strategy for electrical vehicle charging stations to participate in frequency containment reserves markets
      Novelty method for the utility harmonic impedance estimation based on Gaussian mixed model
      Incorporation of generator maintenance scheduling with long-term power sector forecasting and planning studies
      Reducing the risk of cascading failure in active distribution networks using adaptive critic design
      Analysis the influence of corrosion layer on the grounding performance of grounding electrodes
      Improved robust-mixed-norm-based controller for grid-tied PV systems under voltage disturbances
    • Use of EV hosting capacity for management of low-voltage distribution systems

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