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Volume 14, Issue 12, 19 June 2020

Volume 14, Issue 12

19 June 2020

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    • Dimension of distribution system security region: concept, calculation and application
      Strategic equilibrium of economic dispatch in smart grid with a bi-level game approach
      WKS-type distributionally robust optimisation for optimal sub-hourly look-ahead economic dispatch
      Start-up circuit for an electric vehicle fast charger using SSICL technique and a slow estimator
      Transient stability assessment combined model framework based on cost-sensitive method
      Non-unit travelling wave protection method for dc transmission line using waveform correlation calculation
      Large-signal model of pulsed power load for analysis of dynamic voltage and frequency
      Machine-learning-based reliability evaluation framework for power distribution networks
      Probabilistic locational marginal price computation in radial distribution system based on active power loss reduction
      Energy storage traction power supply system and control strategy for an electrified railway
      Optimal placement of direct current power system stabiliser (DC-PSS) in multi-terminal HVDC grids
      Controller design for MTDC grid to enhance power sharing and stability
      Optimal design of passive filters considering the effect of Steinmetz circuit resonance under unbalanced and non-sinusoidal conditions
      Fault early warning in air-insulated substations by RSSI-based angle of arrival estimation and monopole UHF wireless sensor array
      Study on attack paths of cyber attack in cyber-physical power systems
      Influence of snow accretion on arc flashover gradient for various types of insulators
      Use of fitted polynomials for the decentralised estimation of network variables in unbalanced radial LV feeders
      Efficient sensitivity based approach for AC transmission expansion planning
      Power quality control through automated demand side management in microgrid equipped with battery energy storage for protection
      Reactive power planning using convex line-wise power balance equations for radial distribution systems

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