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Volume 14, Issue 11, 05 June 2020

Volume 14, Issue 11

05 June 2020

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    • Deep learning architecture for direct probability density prediction of small-scale solar generation
      Enhancing the distribution grid resilience using cyber-physical oriented islanding strategy
      Allocation of PMU channels at substations for topology processing and state estimation
      Microgrid frequency regulation involving low-wind-speed wind turbine generators based on deep belief network
      Integrated active/reactive power scheduling of interdependent microgrid and EV fleets based on stochastic multi-objective normalised normal constraint
      Interactive protocols for distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS)
      Design of an interconnection and damping assignment-passivity based control technique for energy management and damping improvement of a DC microgrid
      Micro-PMU based on Savitzky–Golay filter
      VSSMLMS-based control of multifunctional PV-DSTATCOM system in the distribution network
      Flexible hybrid state estimation for power systems with communication irregularities
      Robust control method for LCL-type shunt active power filter under weak grid condition
      Coordinated voltage/var control in a hybrid AC/DC distribution network
      Optimal dispatch scheme for DSO and prosumers by implementing three-phase distribution locational marginal prices
      Prevention of maloperation of distance relay under severe stressed conditions for series compensated transmission line considering optimal placement of phasor measurement units
      Semidefinite relaxation and generalised benders decomposition to solve the transmission expansion network and reactive power planning
      Real-time agent-based control of plug-in electric vehicles for voltage and thermal management of LV networks: formulation and HIL validation
      Multi-variable constrained non-linear optimal planning and operation problem for isolated microgrids with stochasticity in wind, solar, and load demand data
      Descriptive statistical approach for the assessment of the output of a virtual power plant in a secondary distribution network
      Transformer failure diagnosis using fuzzy association rule mining combined with case-based reasoning
      Transient stability evaluation model based on SSDAE with imbalanced correction

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