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Volume 14, Issue 10, 22 May 2020

Volume 14, Issue 10

22 May 2020

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    • Reliability enhancement of electrical power system including impacts of renewable energy sources: a comprehensive review
    • Voltage stability assessment algorithm to predict power system loadability margin
      Operation and control of MMC station with constraints of internal variables under unbalanced grid conditions
      Wigner distribution function and alienation coefficient-based transmission line protection scheme
      Rotor inertia adaptive control and inertia matching strategy based on parallel virtual synchronous generators system
      Optimal scheduling of reconfigurable grids considering dynamic line rating constraint
      Performance of SMES system with non-linear dynamic evolution control approach for pulsed power load compensation
      Voltage sag influence on controlled three-phase grid-connected inverters according to the Spanish grid code
      Analysis and verification of harmonic interaction between DDWTs based on αβ stationary coordinate system
      Hybrid cuckoo search algorithm and grey wolf optimiser-based optimal control strategy for performance enhancement of HVDC-based offshore wind farms
      Bi-level optimal planning model of power flow router based on convex relaxation optimisation and sensitivity analysis method
      Enhancing the performance of wind energy conversion systems using unified power flow controller
      Orthogonal method for solving maximum correntropy-based power system state estimation
      Submodule capacitance requirement reduction with capacitor voltage ripple suppression in MMC
      Entire stability region estimation using the invariant manifolds and singularities at infinity
      Settings determination for numerical transformer differential protection via its detailed mathematical model
      Integrated transmission expansion and PMU planning considering dynamic thermal rating in uncertain environment
      Modelling of large-sized electrolysers for real-time simulation and study of the possibility of frequency support by electrolysers
      Hybrid control of a multi-area multi-machine power system with FACTS devices using non-linear modelling
      Event-triggered based decentralised control for frequency regulation of power systems

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