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Volume 13, Issue 8, 23 April 2019

Volume 13, Issue 8

23 April 2019

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    • Designing centralised and distributed system integrity protection schemes for enhanced electric grid resiliency
      New predictive analytic-aided response-based system integrity protection scheme
      Universal model-based fault location for improved system integrity
      Synchrophasor-based system integrity protection scheme for an ultra-mega-power project in India
      Fault location in microgrids: a communication-based high-frequency impedance approach
      Supervising zone-3 operation of the distance relay using synchronised phasor measurements
      Prediction and control of transient stability using system integrity protection schemes
      Real-time spatio-temporal trend and level (T&L) filtering scheme for early detection of voltage instability
      Frequency mode identification using modified masking signal-based empirical mode decomposition
      Detection and isolation of false data injection attack for smart grids via unknown input observers
    • Multi-objective bi-level optimisation to design real-time pricing for demand response programs in retail markets
      Non-linear large-signal stabiliser design for DC micro-grids
      Online contingency analysis method for multi-terminal DC distribution networks with renewable resources
      Technical and non-technical losses calculation in distribution grids using a defined equivalent operational impedance
      Strongly robust approach for temperature monitoring of power cable joint
      Voltage stability constrained line-wise optimal power flow
      Enhanced modelling of the transformer winding high frequency parameters identification from measured frequency response analysis
      Market bidding strategy of the microgrids considering demand response and energy storage potential flexibilities
      Vehicle-for-grid (VfG): a mobile energy storage in smart grid
      Strategically incorporation of RES and DSTATCOM for techno-economic-environmental benefits using search space reduction-based ICSA
      Loss allocation for radial distribution networks including DGs using Shapley value sampling estimation
      Two multi-optional multi-level demand-contracting optimisers with considering energy resources
      Identification of multiple harmonic sources in power system containing inverter-based distribution generations using empirical mode decomposition
      Detection and switching control scheme of unintentional islanding for ‘hand-in-hand’ DC distribution network
      Small-signal stability analysis and control of stochastic time-variant power system through differential inclusion theory
      Voltage instability prediction based on reactive power reserve of generating units and zone selection
      Benchmark of machine learning algorithms on capturing future distribution network anomalies
    • Optimal placement of grounding small resistance in neutral point for restraining voltage fluctuation in power grid caused by geomagnetic storm

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