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Volume 13, Issue 6, 26 March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 6

26 March 2019

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    • Review on microgrids protection
      Adaptive protection methodology in microgrid for fault location and nature detection using q0 components of fault current
      Adaptive protection combined with machine learning for microgrids
      A novel constraint and non-standard characteristics for optimal over-current relays coordination to enhance microgrid protection scheme
      Voltage–current–time inverse-based protection coordination of photovoltaic power systems
      Transient monitoring function-based islanding detection in power distribution network
      Islanding detection scheme for distributed generation systems using modified reactive power control strategy
      MPPT algorithm for thermoelectric generators based on parabolic extrapolation
      Grid synchronisation framework for partially shaded solar PV-based microgrid using intelligent control strategy
      Improved power management control strategy for renewable energy-based DC micro-grid with energy storage integration
      Power factor angle consistency control for decentralised power sharing in cascaded-type microgrid
      Participation of distributed resources and responsive loads to voltage unbalance compensation in islanded microgrids
      Stochastic Monte Carlo-based voltage variation analysis for low-voltage hybrid DC/AC radial distribution feeders interfaced with DERs
      Iterative control method of voltage source converters for various high-power applications
    • Data-driven affinely adjustable distributionally robust framework for unit commitment based on Wasserstein metric
      Data-driven multi-time scale robust scheduling framework of hydrothermal power system considering cascade hydropower station and wind penetration
      Efficient method to compute all the type-1 low-voltage power flow solutions in distribution systems
      Analytical modelling of point-to-point CCC-HVDC revisited
      Congestion management of power system with uncertain renewable resources and plug-in electrical vehicle
      Network allocation of BESS with voltage support capability for improving the stability of power systems

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