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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 13, Issue 5, 12 March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 5

12 March 2019

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    • Contributions to the sequence-decoupling compensation power flow method for distribution system analysis
      Valuing consumer participation in security enhancement of microgrids
      Distributed power system stabiliser for multimachine power systems
      Islanding strategy for restoring electric power supply by means of electric vehicle idle power against cold load pickup
      Islanding detection in distributed generation system using intrinsic time decomposition
      Energy management in multi-microgrids via an aggregator to override point of common coupling congestion
      Development of cloud-based power system operational data management system
      Integer quadratic programming model for dynamic VAR compensation considering short-term voltage stability
      Online power system dynamic security assessment with incomplete PMU measurements: a robust white-box model
      Hybrid approach for estimating dynamic states of synchronous generators
      Impact of LRIC pricing and demand response on generation and transmission expansion planning
      Chance-constrained maintenance scheduling for interdependent power and natural gas grids considering wind power uncertainty
      Improved non-intrusive identification technique of electrical appliances for a smart residential system
      Security-level classification based on power system partitioning
      Co-ordinated voltage regulation using distributed measurement acquisition devices with a real-time model of the Cigré low-voltage benchmark grid
      Distribution system versus bulk power system: identifying the source of electric service interruptions in the US
      Fault-cause identification method based on adaptive deep belief network and time–frequency characteristics of travelling wave
      A deep learning approach for power system knowledge discovery based on multitask learning

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