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Volume 13, Issue 23, 03 December 2019

Volume 13, Issue 23

03 December 2019

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    • Electricity–gas-integrated energy planning based on reward and penalty ladder-type carbon trading cost
      Current injection-based Newton–Raphson power-flow algorithm for droop-based islanded microgrids
      Adaptive optimal wide-area controller for multi-area power system using phasor measurement unit measurements
      Impact assessment of virtual synchronous generator on the electromechanical dynamics of type 4 wind turbine generators
      Evaluating weather influences on transmission line failure rate based on scarce fault records via a bi-layer clustering technique
      Second harmonic impedance drift-based islanding detection method
      Maiden application of cascade tilt-integral–tilt-derivative controller for performance analysis of load frequency control of interconnected multi-source power system
      Testing of a hydropower plant's stability and performance using PMU and control system data in closed loop
      On-site partial discharge detection of power cables using a novel DAC technique supplied by a capacitor bank
      Reliability evaluation method for AC/DC hybrid distribution power network considering cascaded multiport power electronic transformer
      Islanding detection scheme for converter-based DGs with nearly zero non-detectable zone
      Two-stage market-based service restoration method in multi-MGs distribution networks
      Cold load pickup model parameters based on measurements in distribution systems
      Electronic transformer performance evaluation and its impact on PMU
      Efficient linear network model for TEP based on piecewise McCormick relaxation
      Bi-level optimisation dispatch method for photovoltaic hosting capacity enhancement of distribution buses
      Optimisation electric field inverse solving algorithm for non-destructive detection of voltage on transmission lines
    • Experiences with transformer diagnosis by DGA: case studies

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