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Volume 13, Issue 20, 22 October 2019

Volume 13, Issue 20

22 October 2019

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    • Trends in the protection of inverter-based microgrids
    • New strategy based modified Salp swarm algorithm for optimal reactive power planning: a case study of the Algerian electrical system (114 bus)
      Considering reactive power coordinated control of hybrid multi-infeed HVDC system research into emergency DC power support
      Decentralised wide-area back-up protection scheme based on the concept of centre of reactive power
      Research on modelling and simulation of converters for electromagnetic transient simulation in photovoltaic power generation system
      Optimal allocation of ELC in microgrid using droop controlled load flow
      Development of UPFC operating constraints enforcement approach for power flow control
      Analysis and hardware implementation of virtual resistance based PV inverters for harmonics suppression
      Analysis and control of modular multilevel converter-based E-STATCOM to integrate large wind farms with the grid
      Day-ahead energy management framework for a networked gas–heat–electricity microgrid
      Decision-making method for critical load restoration by using MGs
      Comprehensive small-signal model and stability analysis of VSC-based medium-voltage DC distribution system
      Ranking and quantifying the effects of load model parameters on power system stability
      Travelling-wave-based protection of transmission line using single-end data
      Adaptive droop control for balancing SOC of distributed batteries in DC microgrids
    • Control strategies to improve stability of LCC-HVDC systems with multiple MMC taps
      Effect of electrohydrodynamic stresses in dielectric liquid: simulation study with the aid of single artificial air bubble using level set-volume of fluid method
      Coordinated planning of transmission expansion and coal-fired power plants flexibility retrofits to accommodate the high penetration of wind power
      Three-based level model to determine optimal scheduling of the MG integrated operation using Benders decomposition
      Hybrid intelligent technique for voltage/VAR control in power systems
      Distributed cooperative secondary networked optimal control with packet loss for islanded microgrid
      MCDM approach for the integrated assessment of vulnerability and reliability of power systems
      Co-optimising distribution network adequacy and security by simultaneous utilisation of network reconfiguration and distributed energy resources
      Comparison of different regression models to estimate fault location on hybrid power systems

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