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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 13, Issue 2, 22 January 2019

Volume 13, Issue 2

22 January 2019

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    • Comprehensive review on structure and operation of virtual power plant in electrical system
    • Optimal coordination of dual-setting directional over-current relays in multi-source meshed active distribution networks considering transient stability
      Insulation condition assessment of high-voltage rotating machines using hybrid techniques
      Data clustering based probabilistic optimal power flow in power systems
      Noise-resilient voltage and frequency synchronisation of an autonomous microgrid
      Under-impedance load shedding: a new preventive action against voltage instability
      Economic risk-based bidding strategy for profit maximisation of wind-integrated day-ahead and real-time double-auctioned competitive power markets
      Multi-objective and multi-period distribution expansion planning considering reliability, distributed generation and self-healing
      Energy and reserve co-optimisation – reserve availability, lost opportunity and uplift compensation cost
      Active power filter integrated with distribution transformer based on magnetic potential balance
      Expectation–maximisation model for stochastic distribution network planning considering network loss and voltage deviation
      Controller to enable the enhanced frequency response services from a multi-electrical energy storage system
      ACOPF for three-phase four-conductor distribution systems: semidefinite programming based relaxation with variable reduction and feasible solution recovery
      Cost-effective sizing of an AC mini-grid hybrid power system for a remote area in South Australia
      Reduce–factor–solve for fast Thevenin impedance computation and network reduction
      Ladder network parameters identification of an isolated winding by combining the intelligent optimisation algorithm and GNIA
      Investigating the impacts of price-taking and price-making energy storage in electricity markets through an equilibrium programming model
      Pre-charging strategy with damping control of isolated station connected to the modular multilevel converter based DC grid

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