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Volume 13, Issue 18, 17 September 2019

Volume 13, Issue 18

17 September 2019

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    • Development of a new voltage stability index and its implementation considering voltage measurement uncertainty
      Accurate identification and characterisation of transient phenomena using wavelet transform and mathematical morphology
      Proportional-type non-linear excitation controller with power angle reference estimator for single-machine infinite-bus power system
      Performance analysis of a multilevel inverter based shunt active filter with RT-EMD control technique under ideal and non-ideal supply voltage conditions
      Admittance study of grid-connected VSCs for harmonic oscillatory instabilities
      Resource adequacy in interdependent electricity markets undergoing heterogeneous expansion in renewable energy
      Two-stage EMS for distribution network under defensive islanding
      Active protection for photovoltaic DC-boosting integration system during FRT
      Restoration duration estimation applying generally distributed transition stochastic Petri nets considering the switching failure of breakers
      Simultaneous consideration of the balancing market and day-ahead market in Stackelberg game for flexiramp procurement problem in the presence of the wind farms and a DR aggregator
      Distributed secondary control based on cluster consensus of inhibitory coupling with power limit for isolated multi-microgrid
      New signal subspace approach to estimate the inter-area oscillatory modes in power system using TLS-ESPRIT algorithm
      Two-level area-load modelling for OPF of power system using reinforcement learning
      Distributed balancing energy activation and exchange optimisation
      Probabilistic load flow with correlated wind power sources using a frequency and duration method
      Performance improvement of distribution networks using the demand response resources
      Small-signal model of vector current-controlled MMC-UPFC
      Minimising direct-coupled distributed synchronous generators impact on electric power systems protection
      Robust and effective parallel process to coordinate multi-area economic dispatch (MAED) problems in the presence of uncertainty
      New method for calculating voltage dip/swell types based on six-dimensional vectors and Euclidean distance
      Variable impedance fault current bypass circuit for fault arc suppression in distribution network
      Cloud computing in the smart grid context: an application to aid fault location in distribution systems concerning the multiple estimation problem
      Hierarchical voltage imbalance control for single-/three-phase hybrid multimicrogrid
      Fast and accurate frequency estimation in distorted grids using a three-sample based algorithm
      Real power loss minimisation of smart grid with electric vehicles using distribution feeder reconfiguration

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