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Volume 13, Issue 16, 20 August 2019

Volume 13, Issue 16

20 August 2019

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    • Application of DR and co-simulation approach for renewable integrated HEMS: a review
      Review of GB electricity distribution system's electricity security of supply, reliability and power quality in meeting UK industrial strategy requirements
    • Robust and efficient approach based on Richardson extrapolation for solving badly initialised/ill-conditioned power-flow problems
      Microgrid planning considering the resilience against contingencies
      Rotor angle stability control for DFIG-integrated power system considering phase-amplitude characteristics of transient-grid voltage
      LEM for DERs and flexible loads
      Non-linear disturbance observer-based improved frequency and tie-line power control of modern interconnected power systems
      Impact of optimum power factor of PV-controlled inverter on the aging and cost-effectiveness of oil-filled transformer considering long-term characteristics
      Unscented Rauch–Tung–Streibel smoother-based power system forecasting-aided state estimator using hybrid measurements
      High-speed distance relaying using least error squares method and testing with FPGA
      HVDC shunt tap based on three single-phase half-bridge series-connected MMCs operated under 2L modulation
      Distributed event-triggered scheme for economic dispatch in power systems with uncoordinated step-sizes
      Variable cost model predictive control strategies for providing high-quality power to AC microgrids
      Combined analysis of distribution-level PMU data with transmission-level PMU for early detection of long-term voltage instability
      Capability-coordinated frequency control scheme of a virtual power plant with renewable energy sources
      Model predictive current control of DSTATCOM with simplified weighting factor selection using VIKOR method for power quality improvement
      Coalition formation strategies for cooperative operation of multiple microgrids
      Optimal energy management of compressed air energy storage in day-ahead and real-time energy markets
      Interline dc power flow controller with fault current-limiting capability
      Exact approach for charging of PEVs with V2G capability to improve micro-grid reliability
      Analysis of the stability and dynamic responses of converter-based generation in case of system splits
      Optimal allocation of distributed generation for planning master–slave controlled microgrids
      Full-current-based directional pilot protection for VSC-DC distribution systems
      Modified interval-based generator scheduling for PFR adequacy under uncertain PV generation
    • Enabling resilient wide-area POD at BESS in Java, Indonesia 500 kV power grid

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