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Volume 13, Issue 15, 06 August 2019

Volume 13, Issue 15

06 August 2019

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    • Characteristics of electrical tree defect during the growth period in high-voltage DC cable under stepped DC voltage
      Sequence-based differential evolution for solving economic dispatch considering virtual power plant
      Initial travelling wavefront-based bus zone protection scheme
      Real-time digital filtering algorithm for elimination of the decaying DC component using mathematical morphology
      Optimal siting and sizing of distributed generators to retain the existing protection setup along with their technical and economic aspects
      Sensitive/stable complementary fault identification scheme for overhead transmission lines
      Optimal deployment of remote-controlled switches in distribution networks considering laterals
      Fast adaptive autoreclosing technique for series compensated transmission lines
      Unified strategy for electric vehicles participate in voltage and frequency regulation with active power in city grid
      Adaptive-robust multi-resolution generation maintenance scheduling with probabilistic reliability constraint
      Bi-level network reconfiguration model to improve the resilience of distribution systems against extreme weather events
      Algorithm for fault detection and localisation in a mesh-type bipolar DC microgrid network
      Online coherency identification and stability condition for large interconnected power systems using an unsupervised data mining technique
      Three-phase power flow calculation considering probability and interval uncertainties for power distribution systems
      Two-stage market clearing approach to mitigate generator collusion in Eastern China electricity market via system dynamics method
      Optimal sizing of an AC-coupled hybrid power system considering incentive-based demand response
      Coordination of interdependent natural gas and electricity systems based on information gap decision theory
      Generic algorithm to calculate Jacobian matrix used for ladder network parameters identification and winding fault diagnosis
      Enhancing the performance of DFIG variable speed wind turbine using a parallel integrated capacitor and modified modulated braking resistor
      Electric vehicle charging schedule considering user's charging selection from economics
      Data clustering-based approach for optimal capacitor allocation in distribution systems including wind farms
      Stochastic optimal dispatch of PV/wind/diesel/battery microgrids using state-space approximate dynamic programming
      Multi-objective synergistic planning of EV fast-charging stations in the distribution system coupled with the transportation network
      Framework for real-time short-term stability assessment of power systems using PMU measurements
      Two-stage nested bilevel model for generation expansion planning in combined electricity and gas markets
      Optimal operational scheduling and reconfiguration coordination in smart grids for extreme weather condition
      Research on stability margin enhancement for low-voltage multi-terminal DC system based on additional damping control
      Faulted feeder identification in active grounded networks
      Transient current curvature based protection for multi-terminal flexible DC distribution systems
      Detection and quantitative diagnosis of axial displacement of transformer winding by frequency response analysis

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