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Volume 13, Issue 13, 09 July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 13

09 July 2019

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    • Retailer's risk-aware trading framework with demand response aggregators in short-term electricity markets
      Residualisation-based model order reduction in power networks with penetration of photovoltaic resources
      Dynamic state estimation of power systems using intelligent particle filtering based on ant colony optimisation for continuous domains
      Oscillation instability of a DC microgrid caused by aggregation of same CPLs in parallel connection
      Analysis and design of a pulse-closing vacuum switch for catenary fault detection
      Global optimisation model and algorithm for unit restarting sequence considering black-start zone partitioning
      Stochastic optimal transmission switching considering the correlated wind power
      New hybrid multiverse optimisation approach for optimal accommodation of DGs in power distribution networks
      Multi-objective linearised optimal reactive power dispatch of wind-integrated transmission networks
      Unified probabilistic energy flow analysis for electricity–gas coupled systems with integrated demand response
      Power shift-based optimal corrective control for bipolar multi-terminal high-voltage direct current grid
      Bi-level operational planning of microgrids with considering demand response technology and contingency analysis
      Predictive control method for wind power regulation via a double-screw expander-generator and supercapacitor
      Optimal ESS allocation in distribution network using accelerated generalised Benders decomposition
      Stochastic scheduling of compressed air energy storage in DC SCUC framework for high wind penetration
      Optimal charging strategy for electric vehicles using symbolic–graphic combination principle
      Accurate fault location and faulted section determination based on deep learning for a parallel-compensated three-terminal transmission line
      SR-based chance-constrained economic dispatch for power systems with wind power
      Effective algorithm for fault discrimination and estimation of fault location in transmission lines
      Online parameter estimation considering input errors for synchronous generation systems
      Wind-integrated simultaneous generation and transmission expansion planning considering short-circuit level constraint
      Distributed optimisation-based collaborative security-constrained transmission expansion planning for multi-regional systems
      Preventing maloperation of distance protection due to CCVT transients
      Value of model enhancements: quantifying the benefit of improved transmission planning models
      Multi-status modelling and event simulation in smart distribution network based on finite state machine
      Probabilistic assessment of static voltage stability in distribution systems considering wind generation using catastrophe theory
      Low voltage ride through capability enhancement in a grid-connected wind/fuel cell hybrid system via combined feed-forward and fuzzy logic control
      Linear daily UC model to improve the transient stability of power system
      Proficient load-frequency regulation of demand response supported bio-renewable cogeneration based hybrid microgrids with quasi-oppositional selfish-herd optimisation
      Decentralised hierarchical coordination of electric vehicles in multi-microgrid systems

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