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Volume 13, Issue 12, 18 June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 12

18 June 2019

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    • Condition assessment of power transformers based on dissolved gas analysis
      Secure operating bounds for wind energy conversion systems working as conventional power generation plants
      Multiscale multivariate fuzzy entropy-based technique to distinguish transformer magnetising from fault currents
      GenCo's mid-term optimal operation analysis: interaction of wind farm, gas turbine, and energy storage systems in electricity and natural gas markets
      Minimisation of voltage fluctuation resulted from renewable energy sources uncertainty in distribution systems
      Electricity consumption behaviour analysis based on adaptive weighted-feature K-means-AP clustering
      Optimisation of deviation settlement charges using residential demand response under frequency-linked pricing environment
      Robust switching control for service restoration in smart grids considering switching malfunction by MAS
      Second-order sequence filter based control algorithm for single-phase grid interfaced solar PV system
      Research on the deterioration process of electrical contact structure inside the ±500 kV converter transformer RIP bushings and its prediction strategy
      New sequential approach based on graph traversal algorithm to investigate cascading outages considering correlated wind farms
      Conservation voltage reduction based comprehensive power management scheme for an isolated solar photovoltaic battery based microgrid
      Differential protection scheme for power transformers using matched wavelets
      Identifying critical risks of cascading failures in power systems
      Raising the potential of a local market for the reactive power provision by electric vehicles in distribution grids
      H filter " >Robust dynamic state estimation of power systems with model uncertainties based on adaptive unscented filter
      Backstepping fractional sliding mode voltage control of an islanded microgrid
      Application of modified sine cosine algorithm to optimally design PID/fuzzy-PID controllers to deal with AGC issues in deregulated power system
      Enhanced probabilistic approach for substation reliability assessment
      Piecewise control strategy for electric spring
      Stochastic indexes for power distribution systems resilience analysis
      Day-ahead electric vehicle aggregator bidding strategy using stochastic programming in an uncertain reserve market
      System congestion criteria for interconnection of WPP through VSC-HVDC
      Automatic schemes for including generator Q and transformer tap limits in the fast decoupled load flow method
      Feasibility analysis of reduced-scale visual corona tests in high-voltage laboratories
      Multi-mode control and operation of a self-sufficient multi-microgrid system
      Enabling electricity access: revisiting load models for AC-grid operation - Part I
      Enabling electricity access: a comprehensive energy efficient approach mitigating climate/weather variability – Part II
      Generation maintenance scheduling in virtual power plants

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