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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 13, Issue 1, 08 January 2019

Volume 13, Issue 1

08 January 2019

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    • SF6 positive DC partial discharge decomposition components under four typical insulation defects
      Multi-stage bi-level linear model for low carbon expansion planning of multi-area power systems
      Multi-objective model predictive control of doubly-fed induction generators for wind energy conversion
      Intentional islanding method based on community detection for distribution networks
      Reliability assessment of distribution networks through graph theory, topology similarity and statistical analysis
      Time-periodic model of wind speed and its application in risk evaluation of wind-power-integrated power systems
      New multi-stage restoration method for distribution networks with DGs
      Research on optimisation of integrated energy system scheduling based on weak robust optimisation theory
      Harmonic pricing in power systems based on identifying the appropriate contribution of customers
      Improved power flow control strategy of the hybrid AC/DC microgrid based on VSM
      Game framework for optimal allocation of spinning reserve to confront intelligent physical attacks on power system
      Event-based non-intrusive load identification algorithm for residential loads combined with underdetermined decomposition and characteristic filtering
      Risk assessment-based long-term transmission system hardening under prior probabilistic information
      Analytical expressions for characterising voltage dips and phase-angle jumps in electricity networks
      Locating minimum number of PMUs for pre- and post-disturbance monitoring of power systems
    • Power quality grid code compliance for renewable power plants in South Africa

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