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Volume 12, Issue 9, 15 May 2018

Volume 12, Issue 9

15 May 2018

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    • Fault location in distribution systems from analysis of the energy of sequence component waveforms
      Power system frequency stabiliser for modern power systems
      Distributed optimal residential demand response considering operational constraints of unbalanced distribution networks
      Detection of PMU spoofing in power grid based on phasor measurement analysis
      Optimal allocation of BESS and MT in a microgrid
      Control of a back-to-back converter as a power transfer system using synchronverter approach
      Distributed load shedding for microgrid with compensation support via wireless network
      Coordinated charging and discharging strategies for plug-in electric bus fast charging station with energy storage system
      Fault location algorithm for multi-terminal mixed lines with shared tower and different voltage levels
      Data-driven partition control strategy for harmonic distortion and voltage unbalance
      Modelling, analysis and virtual parallel resistor damping control of VSC-based DC grid using master–slave control mode
      Model approach of power networks based on unsymmetrical inertia distribution for disturbance propagation study
      Adaptive protection coordination scheme against the staircase fault current waveforms in PV-dominated distribution systems
      Combined application of redox flow battery and DC link in restructured AGC system in the presence of WTS and DSTS in distributed generation unit
      Optimal coordination of directional overcurrent relays using improved mathematical formulation
      Mixed integer linear formulation for undervoltage load shedding to provide voltage stability
      Network expansion planning with microgrid aggregators under uncertainty
      Improvement of wide-area damping controller subject to actuator saturation: a dynamic anti-windup approach
      Receding-horizon OPF for real-time management of distribution networks
      Designing option FTRs for the lossy FTR system
      Greedy pursuit – an efficient approach from compressed sensing to robust state estimation
      Study on the lightning strike discharge characteristics of switchgear air gap at low air pressure condition
      Alleviation of post-contingency overloads by SOCP based corrective control considering TCSC and MTDC
      Low-voltage ride through control strategy of virtual synchronous generator based on the analysis of excitation state
      Voltage quality enhancement in islanded microgrids with multi-voltage quality requirements at different buses
      Application of universal neutral reactor in shunt compensated transmission lines: feasibility study
      Analytical approach to modelling the interaction between power distribution systems and high impedance faults
      Steady state and transient simulation for electricity-gas integrated energy systems by using convex optimisation

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