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Volume 12, Issue 8, 30 April 2018

Volume 12, Issue 8

30 April 2018

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    • New fault detection and localisation technique for double-circuit three-terminal transmission line
      Hybrid method for power system transient stability prediction based on two-stage computing resources
      Influence of untested winding in FRA test for winding diagnosis
      Cost-based optimal siting and sizing of electric vehicle charging stations considering demand response programmes
      Distribution network reconfiguration comprehensively considering N−1 security and network loss
      Transversality enforced Newton–Raphson algorithm for fast calculation of maximum loadability
      Energy storage and transmission expansion planning: substitutes or complements?
      AdaBoost classifiers for phasor measurements-based security assessment of power systems
      Analysis on the dynamic behaviours and interactions of VSC-MTDC grid
      Load flow analysis using generalised Hopfield neural network
      Decentralised non-linear SDRE observer–controller scheme for large-scale power systems
      Minimum steady corona inception voltage calculation method under rain condition
      Minimum switching losses for solving distribution NR problem with distributed generation
      Protection coordination scheme for distribution networks with high penetration of photovoltaic generators
      Prediction of the dynamic contact resistance of circuit breaker based on the kernel partial least squares
      Transient stability assessment of large lossy power systems
      Two novel static and dynamic voltage stability based indexes for power system contingency ranking
      Reduced-order modelling of solar-PV generators for small-signal stability assessment of power systems and estimation of maximum penetration levels
      Investigation of multifarious power transferred through the transmission network for all associated generators in the system individually
      Monte-Carlo based approach to consider the cost of voltage dip and long duration interruption in optimal planning of SDGs
      Passive wireless measurement of tension for overhead transmission line based on surface transverse wave
      Secondary voltage control in islanded microgrids using event-triggered control
      Reactive power reserve management tool for voltage stability enhancement
      Optimal allocation of series FACTS devices in large-scale systems
      Fast calculation method for rectifier matrix model and its application in optimised control of SAPF for network-wide harmonic suppression
      Low-voltage ride-through of a droop-based three-phase four-wire grid-connected microgrid
      Robust optimisation-based state estimation considering parameter errors for systems observed by phasor measurement units
      Model predictive control scheme for coordinated voltage control of power systems at the presence of volatile wind power generation
      Multi-objective robust dynamic VAR planning in power transmission girds for improving short-term voltage stability under uncertainties
      Detection and location of faults in large transmission networks using minimum number of phasor measurement units

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