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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 7, 10 April 2018

Volume 12, Issue 7

10 April 2018

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    • Fuzzy-supervisory control of a hybrid system to improve contractual grid support with fuzzy proportional–derivative and integral control for power quality improvement
      Equivalent circuit and calculation of unbalanced power in three-wire three-phase linear networks
      Placement of protective devices in distribution system considering uncertainties in loads, temporary and permanent failure rates and repair rates
      Least error squared phasor estimation with identification of a decaying DC component
      Synchronised/unsynchronised measurements based novel fault location algorithm for transmission line
      Kalman filter approach for dispatching and attenuating the power fluctuation of wind and photovoltaic power generating systems
      Dynamic reconfiguration of distribution networks considering the real-time topology variation
      Unbalanced harmonic power sharing and voltage compensation of microgrids using radial basis function neural network-based harmonic power-flow calculations for distributed and decentralised control structures
      Krylov subspace method for passive reduced-order modelling of electrical networks
      Distributed secondary and tertiary controls for I–V droop-controlled-paralleled DC–DC converters
      Financial risk constrained remote controlled switch deployment in distribution networks
      Power flow modelling to UHVDC line and its hierarchical connection mode
      Efficient and accurate hybrid model of modular multilevel converters for large MTDC systems
      Adaptive overcurrent protection against ferroresonance
      Linear inequalities convex transformation for optimal reactive power flow model based on MISOCP relaxations
      Fault classification and faulted phase selection for transmission line using morphological edge detection filter
      Dynamic reserve demand estimation model and cost-effectivity oriented reserve allocation strategy for multi-area system integrated with wind power
      Comprehensive control strategy of virtual synchronous generator under unbalanced voltage conditions
      Real-time implementation of optimal operation of single-stage grid interfaced PV system under weak grid conditions
      Evaluation of voltage imbalance on low-voltage distribution networks considering delta-connected distribution transformers with a symmetrical NGS
      Specifying angular reference for three-phase distribution system state estimators
      Real-time event identification using synchrophasor data from selected buses
      Planning the coordination of overcurrent relays for distribution systems considering network reconfiguration and load restoration
      E-field computation in 765 kV substation using CSM with reference to occupational exposure

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