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Volume 12, Issue 6, 27 March 2018

Volume 12, Issue 6

27 March 2018

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    • Fourier-series approach to model order reduction and controller interaction analysis of large-scale power system models
      Identification of linearised RMS-voltage dip patterns based on clustering in renewable plants
      Design of robust profitable false data injection attacks in multi-settlement electricity markets
      Optimal reconfigurattion of distribution systems by considering switch and wind turbine placements to enhance reliability and efficiency
      Searching severest VSM basing on CCPF among multiple dispatch centres
      Information geometry for model identification and parameter estimation in renewable energy – DFIG plant case
      Simultaneous distribution system reconfiguration and DG sizing algorithm without load flow solution
      Fault location based on travelling wave identification using an adaptive extended Kalman filter
      Optimising the transformer substation topology in order to minimise annual energy losses
      Stability enhancement of DFIG-based wind turbine system through linear quadratic regulator
      Synchrophasor-enabled power grid restoration with DFIG-based wind farms and VSC-HVDC transmission system
      Energy saving estimation in distribution network with smart grid-enabled CVR and solar PV inverter
      Spectral clustering for designing robust and reliable multi-MG smart distribution systems
      Adaptive CWT-based overcurrent protection for smart distribution grids considering CT saturation and high-impedance fault
      Peak load forecasting based on multi-source data and day-to-day topological network
      Adaptive robust optimal reactive power dispatch in unbalanced distribution networks with high penetration of distributed generation
      Sequential analysis of optimal transmission switching with contingency assessment
      Decentralised load frequency control for power systems with communication delays via active disturbance rejection
      Fast evaluation of the Cooray–Rubinstein formula in time domain via piecewise recursive convolution technique
      Analytical solutions for the self- and mutual inductances of arbitrary triangular coils with rectangular cross-section
      Creeping discharges features propagating in air at atmospheric pressure on various materials under positive lightning impulse voltage – part 1: noise suppression using the discrete wavelet transform approach
      Creeping discharges features propagating in air at atmospheric pressure on various materials under positive lightning impulse voltage – part 2: modelling and computation of discharges’ parameters
      Overall control scheme for VSC-based medium-voltage DC power distribution networks
      Agent-based identification and control of voltage emergency situations

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