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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 5, 13 March 2018

Volume 12, Issue 5

13 March 2018

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    • Detailed modelling and parameters optimisation analysis on governing system of hydro-turbine generator unit
      AI-based approach to identify compromised meters in data integrity attacks on smart grid
      Travelling waves-based identification of sub-health condition of feeders in power distribution system
      Short-term ice accretion forecasting model for transmission lines with modified time-series analysis by fireworks algorithm
      Transmission network expansion planning considering risk level assessment and scenario-based risk level improvement
      PV inverter reactive power control for chance-constrained distribution system performance optimisation
      Quasi-oppositional harmony search algorithm based optimal dynamic load frequency control of a hybrid tidal–diesel power generation system
      Correlation-based synchro-check relay for power systems
      Novel high-frequency-based diagnostic approach for main contact assessment of high-voltage circuit breakers
      Optimal operation of aggregated electric vehicle charging stations coupled with energy storage
      Vulnerable transmission line identification considering depth of K-shell decomposition in complex grids
      Approach for identification and classification of HIFs in medium voltage distribution networks
      Fuzzy logic gain-tuned adaptive second-order GI-based multi-objective control for reliable operation of grid-interfaced photovoltaic system
      Methodology for ESS-type selection and optimal energy management in distribution system with DG considering reverse flow limitations and cost penalties
      Investigation on enhancing breakdown voltages of transformer oil nanofluids using multi-nanoparticles technique
      Numerical approach of impressed potential on buried pipelines near high-voltage DC grounding electrodes
      Ion-flow field calculation of HVDC overhead lines using a high-order stabilisation technique based on Petrov–Galerkin method
      Investigating the effect of cavity size within medium-voltage power cable on partial discharge behaviour
      Decentralised control for reactive power sharing using adaptive virtual impedance
      Using smart meters to estimate low-voltage losses
      Simple and efficient control of DSTATCOM in three-phase four-wire polluted grid system using MCCF-SOGI based controller
      Resilience-based framework for switch placement problem in power distribution systems
      Generalised protection strategy for HB-MMC-MTDC systems with RL-FCL under DC faults
      Correlation characteristics between gas pressure and SF6 decomposition under negative DC partial discharge

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