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Volume 12, Issue 4, 27 February 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

27 February 2018

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    • Universal pilot relaying scheme for series and shunt-compensated lines
      Faulty feeder detection by adjusting the compensation degree of arc-suppression coil for distribution network
      Voltage stability margin improvement using hybrid non-linear programming and modified binary particle swarm optimisation algorithm considering optimal transmission line switching
      Reliability improvement considering plug-in hybrid electric vehicles parking lots ancillary services: a stochastic multi-criteria approach
      Simplification and cost reduction of visual corona tests
      Reactive power sharing improvement of droop-controlled DFIG wind turbines in a microgrid
      A multi-stage transition toward high renewable energy penetration in Queensland, Australia
      Improved normalised normal constraint method to solve multi-objective optimal power flow problem
      Out-of-step protection of synchronous generators based on a digital phase comparison in the time domain
      Prediction model of voltage–time characteristics for SF6 long gap under VFTO and lightning impulse voltage
      Speeded-up robust features based single-ended travelling wave fault location: a practical case study in Yunnan power grid of China
      Real-time condition monitoring of substation equipment using thermal cameras
      Nature of fault determination on transmission lines for single phase autoreclosing applications
      Fault-location method for HVDC transmission lines based on phase frequency characteristics
      Optimal day-ahead demand response contract for congestion management in the deregulated power market considering wind power
      Active power control of a photovoltaic system without energy storage using neural network-based estimator and modified P&O algorithm
      Clustering-based chance-constrained transmission expansion planning using an improved benders decomposition algorithm
      Two-stage minimax stochastic unit commitment
      Contactless voltage sensor for overhead transmission lines
      Proactive operation of electric vehicles in harmonic polluted smart distribution networks
      Integrated database approach in multi-objective network reconfiguration for distribution system using discrete optimisation techniques
      Ground fault location in radial distribution networks involving distributed voltage measurement
      Research on robust adaptive cooperative stabilisation control for doubly-fed induction generator unit
      Optimal preview stator voltage-oriented control of DFIG WECS
      Vulnerable transmission line identification using ISH theory in power grids
      Sub-synchronous oscillation mechanism and its suppression in MMC-based HVDC connected wind farms
      Faulted section identification for DC distribution systems using smart meter data
      Pole-to-ground fault ride through strategy for half-/full-bridge hybrid MMC-based radial multi-terminal HVDC systems with low-impedance grounded

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