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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 3, 13 February 2018

Volume 12, Issue 3

13 February 2018

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    • Energy management system, generation and demand predictors: a review
    • Virtual-multilevel model predictive control with error feedback for modular multilevel converters
      Determine the reliable generating capacity of power systems with high HVDC penetration considering both stability and ancillary service requirements
      Voltage stability constrained multi-objective optimisation model for long-term expansion planning of large-scale wind farms
      Model for ice wet growth on composite insulator and its experimental validation
      Single-port and multi-port frequency-dependent network equivalents with numerically stable branches
      Tuned-TSC based SVC for reactive power compensation and harmonic reduction in unbalanced distribution system
      Impact-increment based decoupled reliability assessment approach for composite generation and transmission systems
      Faulty feeder detection based on mixed atom dictionary and energy spectrum energy for distribution network
      Whale optimisation algorithm for automatic generation control of interconnected modern power systems including renewable energy sources
      Harmonic suppression analysis of a harmonic filtering distribution transformer with integrated inductors based on field–circuit coupling simulation
      Participation of generating companies in transmission investment in electricity markets
      Multi-objective generation dispatch considering the trade-off between economy and security
      Fair and efficient energy consumption scheduling algorithm using tabu search for future smart grids
      Estimation of rime icing weight on composite insulator and analysis of shed configuration
      Optimal gain scheduling of VSC-HVDC system sliding mode control via artificial bee colony and mine blast algorithms
      Distributed multi-agent control for combined AC/DC grids with wind power plant clusters
      Interactive teaching–learning optimiser for parameter tuning of VSC-HVDC systems with offshore wind farm integration
      Real-time cross-correlation-based technique for detection and classification of power quality disturbances
      Multi-objective optimisation method of power grid partitioning for wide-area backup protection
      Control strategy for relieving transient potential energy accumulation in power system
      Approach for allocation of transmission loss based on contribution of generators and loads in injected complex power into network lines
      Passive islanding detection scheme based on autocorrelation function of modal current envelope for photovoltaic units
      Universal terminal model suitable for various modular multilevel converter topologies for power-system-level simulation application
      Uncertainty propagation in PMU-based transmission line monitoring
      Modelling and detection of live tree-related high impedance fault in distribution systems
      Multi-objective hybrid estimation of distribution algorithm-interior point method-based meter placement for active distribution state estimation
      Probabilistic load flow using the particle swarm optimisation clustering method
      Decentralised voltage control with built-in incentives for participants in distribution networks

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