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Volume 12, Issue 2, 30 January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 2

30 January 2018

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    • Influence of hydrostatic pressure on creeping discharge characteristics over solid/liquid insulating interfaces under AC and DC voltages
      Single pole-to-ground fault location method for MMC-HVDC system using active pulse
      Bayesian information fusion for probabilistic health index of power transformer
      Online detection of tripped transmission line to improve wide-area SA in power transmission system
      Method of power grid fault diagnosis using intuitionistic fuzzy Petri nets
      Optimal sizing and placement of rooftop solar photovoltaic at Kabul city real distribution network
      Impact of superconducting fault current limiter on the distributed energy source work
      Resonance frequency-based protection scheme for ultra-high-voltage direct-current transmission lines
      SVM-based PQ disturbance recognition system
      Approximate error considered fuzzy proportional–integral control of DFIG with regional pole placement for FRT improvement
      Effects of voltage harmonic on losses and temperature rise in distribution transformers
      Mitigation of switching overvoltages in microgrids based on SVC and supercapacitor
      Advanced frequency support strategy of photovoltaic system considering changing working conditions
      Electricity theft detection in smart grid using random matrix theory
      Partial operating current characteristics to discriminate internal and external faults of differential protection zones during CT saturation
      Detection and classification of micro-grid faults based on HHT and machine learning techniques
      UHF partial discharge localisation method in substation based on dimension-reduced RSSI fingerprint
      Experimental study on the contamination deposition characteristics of insulators in a fog–haze environment
      SPSA-based data-driven control strategy for load frequency control of power systems
      Optimising the thermal environment and the ampacity of underground power cables using the gravitational search algorithm
      On the network economic, technical and reliability characteristics improvement through demand-response implementation considering consumers’ behaviour
      Detailed long-term hydro-thermal scheduling for expansion planning in the Nordic power system
      Breakdown process experiments of cap-and-pin insulators and their EMT leader progression model implementation
      A novel multiobjective generation and transmission investment framework for implementing 100% renewable energy sources
      Carrier mobility and trap distribution dependent flashover characteristics of epoxy resin
      A fast numerical method for optimal coordination of overcurrent relays in the presence of transient fault current
      Conditional value at risk-based stochastic unit commitment considering the uncertainty of wind power generation
      Proposed heptagon graph for DGA interpretation of oil transformers
      Boundary supply capability for distribution systems: concept, indices and calculation
      Dynamic reactive power reserve optimisation in wind power integration areas

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