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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 22, 11 December 2018

Volume 12, Issue 22

11 December 2018

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    • Market framework for local energy trading: a review of potential designs and market clearing approaches
    • Smart PV and SmartPark inverters as suppressors of TOV phenomenon in distribution systems
      Protection of inverter-based microgrids from ground faults by an innovative directional element
      Generalised-fast decoupled state estimator
      Equivalent model considering frequency characteristics and renewable uncertainties for probabilistic power flow
      Reactive power management at the transmission–distribution interface with the support of distributed generators – a grid planning approach
      Robust hierarchical damping controller for uncertain wide-area power systems
      Improvement of operation of power transformer protection system during sympathetic inrush current phenomena using fault current limiter
      Loss and emission reduction allocation in distribution networks using MCRS method and Aumann–Shapley value method
      Oil exponent thermal modelling for traction transformer under multiple overloads
      Cooperative demand-side management scenario for the low-voltage network in liberalised electricity markets
      Availability analysis of power substation automation architectures with PRP and HSR protocols
      Portfolio management of battery storages in multiple electricity markets
      Enhanced long-run incremental cost charging considering the impact of demand response
      Adaptive complex virtual impedance control scheme for accurate reactive power sharing of inverter interfaced autonomous microgrids
      Extended fast decoupled power flow for reconfiguration networks in distribution systems
      Clusters partition and zonal voltage regulation for distribution networks with high penetration of PVs

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