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Volume 12, Issue 21, 27 November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 21

27 November 2018

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    • Energy storage management strategy in distribution networks utilised by photovoltaic resources
      Controlled network splitting considering transient stability constraints
      Real-time parameter estimation based intelligent controllers for AGC operation under varying power system dynamic conditions
      Active control method of large-scale wind integrated power system with enhanced reactive power support for wind speed fluctuation
      Hybrid feature selection approach for power transformer fault diagnosis based on support vector machine and genetic algorithm
      Bathtub curve as a Markovian process to describe the reliability of repairable components
      Frequency domain soil parameters inversion of horizontally multilayered earth model with considering high-frequency field
      Multi-objective approach to maximise loadability of distribution networks by simultaneous reconfiguration and allocation of distributed energy resources
      Load frequency control of a dynamic interconnected power system using generalised Hopfield neural network based self-adaptive PID controller
      Development of combined Runge–Kutta Broyden's load flow approach for well- and ill-conditioned power systems
      Wind power forecast with error feedback and its economic benefit in power system dispatch
      Water cycle algorithm-based optimal control strategy for efficient operation of an autonomous microgrid
      Multi-leader–follower game theory for modelling interaction between virtual power plants and distribution company
      Robustness assessment of the expansion of coupled electric power and natural gas networks under cascading failures
      Non-parametric statistics-based predictor enabling online transient stability assessment
      Lyapunov-based hybrid model predictive control for energy management of microgrids
      Improved schemes for traditional current-based phase selectors in wind power systems
      Determining minimum number and optimal placement of PMUs for fault observability in one-terminal algorithms
      Utilising reliability-constrained optimisation approach to model microgrid operator and private investor participation in a planning horizon
      ADMM-based algorithm for solving DC-OPF in a large electricity network considering transmission losses
      Validation of a PMU-based fault location identification method for smart distribution network with photovoltaics using real-time data
      Mitigation of sub-synchronous control interaction of a power system with DFIG-based wind farm under multi-operating points
      Artificial neural network and phasor data-based islanding detection in smart grid
      Contribution of surface charges on high-voltage DC silicon rubber insulators to DC flashover performance
      Parallel solution of transient stability constrained optimal power flow by exact optimality condition decomposition
      Response hierarchical control strategy of communication data disturbance in micro-grid under the concept of cyber physical system
      Reducing the scenarios of network topology changes for adaptive coordination of overcurrent relays using hybrid GA–LP
      Comparative study of the degradation rate of new and regenerated mineral oils following electrical stress

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