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Volume 12, Issue 20, 13 November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 20

13 November 2018

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    • Development of EV charging templates: an improved K-prototypes method
      Grid integration of DC fast-charging stations for EVs by using modular li-ion batteries
      Optimal location of PEVCSs using MAS and ER approach
      Hierarchical optimal planning approach for plug-in electric vehicle fast charging stations based on temporal-SoC charging demand characterisation
      Negotiation strategy for discharging price of EVs based on fuzzy Bayesian learning
      Reactive power compensation using electric vehicles considering drivers’ reasons
      DG planning incorporating demand flexibility to promote renewable integration
      A scenario-based robust investment planning model for multi-type distributed generation under uncertainties
      Scheduling wind-battery energy storage hybrid systems in time-of-use pricing schemes
      Battery and backup generator sizing for a resilient microgrid under stochastic extreme events
      Life cycle planning of battery energy storage system in off-grid wind–solar–diesel microgrid
      Modelling and allocation planning of voltage-sourced converters to improve the rooftop PV hosting capacity and energy efficiency of distribution networks
      GPU-based parallel real-time volt/var optimisation for distribution network considering distributed generators
      Decomposition method for coordinated planning of distributed generation and distribution network
      Flexible distribution network: definition, configuration, operation, and pilot project
      Optimal configuration of hybrid AC/DC urban distribution networks for high penetration renewable energy
      Graph theory based topology design and energy routing control of the energy internet
      Comprehensive mixed-integer linear programming model for distribution system reconfiguration considering DGs
      Meta-heuristic technique for network reconfiguration in distribution system with photovoltaic and D-STATCOM
      Stochastic integration of demand response and reconfiguration in distribution network expansion planning
      Photovoltaic–wind joint power probability model based on multiple temporal and spatial scale
      Economic impact of investments in weather forecasts for distribution system operators: the Italian case
      Hybrid method for short-term photovoltaic power forecasting based on deep convolutional neural network
      Fluctuating characteristic and power smoothing strategies of WECS
      Method for division of urban load power supply district based on cluster analysis
      Equivalent input disturbance-based robust LFC strategy for power system with wind farms
      Comparative study of active anti-islanding schemes compatible with MICs in the prospect of high penetration levels and weak grid conditions
      Fast inrush voltage and current restraining method for droop controlled inverter during grid fault clearance in distribution network
      Expansion planning for active distribution networks considering deployment of smart management technologies
      Smart inadvertent islanding detection employing p-type μPMU for an active distribution network

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