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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 19, 30 October 2018

Volume 12, Issue 19

30 October 2018

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    • Impact of control system on small-signal stability of hybrid multi-infeed HVDC system
      Operation paradigm of an all converter interfaced generation bulk power system
      Inter-area low-frequency power system oscillations caused by open-loop modal resonance
      Demand response potential evaluation for residential air conditioning loads
      Compound index for power quality evaluation and benchmarking
      Design of robust model predictive controllers for frequency and voltage loops of interconnected power systems including wind farm and energy storage system
      Multi-stage co-planning framework for electricity and natural gas under high renewable energy penetration
      Practical short-term voltage stability index based on voltage curves: definition, verification and case studies
      Diagnosis and clustering of power transformer winding fault types by cross-correlation and clustering analysis of FRA results
      Sub-synchronous oscillations caused by the control of LCC HVDC transmission line under the condition of open-loop modal coupling
      Multi-stage restoration strategy for service restoration in distribution systems considering outage duration uncertainty
      Incentive-based RTP model for balanced and cost-effective smart grid
      Accurate and comprehensive fault location algorithm for two-terminal transmission lines
      Application of let-through energy to back-up over-current protection on high-voltage feeders
      Gumbel copula based aggregated net load forecasting for modern power systems

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