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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 18, 16 October 2018

Volume 12, Issue 18

16 October 2018

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    • Application of μPMUs for adaptive protection of overcurrent relays in microgrids
      Fault detection and classification in transmission lines based on a PSD index
      Demand side flexibility schemes for facilitating the high penetration of residential distributed energy resources
      Performance evaluation of IEC 61850 GOOSE-based inter-substation communication for accelerated distance protection scheme
      Flexible-regulation resources planning for distribution networks with a high penetration of renewable energy
      Optimisation of droop coefficients of multiple distributed generators in a micro-grid
      DGALab: an extensible software implementation for DGA
      Load cycling of underground distribution cables including thermal soil resistivity variation with soil temperature and moisture content
      Long term profit maximization strategy for charging scheduling of electric vehicle charging station
      Distributed optimal operation of hierarchically controlled microgrids
      Power-quality disturbance recognition based on time-frequency analysis and decision tree
      Two-stage stochastic demand response in smart grid considering random appliance usage patterns
      Incorporating the effects of service quality regulation in decision-making framework of distribution companies
      Implementation of the power transistor-assisted Sen transformer in steady-state load flow analysis
      Power management and operational planning of multiport HPCS for residential applications
      Incorporating energy storage into probabilistic security-constrained unit commitment
      Optimal PMU placement for power system observability considering network expansion and N − 1 contingencies
      Modified affine arithmetic based continuation power flow analysis for voltage stability assessment under uncertainty

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