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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 17, 30 September 2018

Volume 12, Issue 17

30 September 2018

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    • Impact of DFIG-based wind farm integration on sub-synchronous torsional interaction between HVDC and thermal generators
      Economic planning approach for electric vehicle charging stations integrating traffic and power grid constraints
      Islanding detection of synchronous distributed generators using data mining complex correlations
      Distributed secondary control of battery energy storage systems in a stand-alone microgrid
      Optimal design of brushless AC exciter for large synchronous generators considering grid codes requirements
      Efficiency enhancement method without grid partitioning for hard real-time transient simulation of large power grids
      Wind-thermal dynamic economic emission dispatch with a hybrid multi-objective algorithm based on wind speed statistical analysis
      Deep-learning based fault diagnosis using computer-visualised power flow
      Effect of load models on scheduling of VVC devices in a distribution network
      Frequency regulation strategy based on variable-parameter frequency limit control during black start
      Distributed control strategy of a microgrid community with an energy router
      Interval voltage control method for transmission systems considering interval uncertainties of renewable power generation and load demand
      Non-linear dynamics based sub-synchronous resonance index by using power system measurement data
      Efficient method to identify saddle-node and limit-induced bifurcation points of power system
      Development of lossless compression algorithms for power system operational data
      Electric vehicle charging system model for accurate electricity system planning

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