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Volume 12, Issue 16, 11 September 2018

Volume 12, Issue 16

11 September 2018

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    • Coordination of wind generation and demand response to minimise operation cost in day-ahead electricity markets using bi-level optimisation framework
      Method for fixing harmonic injection share of utility or consumer or both at the point of energy metering
      Determination of the power transmission line ageing failure probability due to the impact of forest fire
      Methodology to assess phasor measurement unit in the estimation of dynamic line rating
      Adaptive concept of controlled islanding in power systems for wide-area out-of-step prediction of synchronous generators based on adaptive tripping index
      Predictive calculation of ion current environment of dc transmission line based on ionised flow model of embedded short-term wind speed
      Decentralised gradient projection method for economic dispatch problem with valve point effect
      Successful turning on of MOSAs under very fast transients
      Study on artificial multi-stress ageing characteristics of composite insulators
      Drifting pattern and positioning method of oscillation centre in multi-source oscillation scenes
      Proximity effect modelling for cables of finite length using the hybrid partial element equivalent circuit and artificial neural network method
      Evaluating the capability of distribution networks to maintain power quality and voltage level, case study: Alborz Electric Power Distribution Company
      Multi-attribute analysis on voltage sag insurance mechanisms and their feasibility for sensitive customers
      Incremental PMU placement considering reliability of power system network using analytical hierarchical process

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