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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 15, 28 August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 15

28 August 2018

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    • System-level dynamic phasor models of hybrid AC/DC microgrids suitable for real-time simulation and small signal analysis
      Research on modelling and solution of stochastic SCUC under AC power flow constraints
      Self-balanced non-isolated hybrid modular DC–DC converter for medium-voltage DC grids
      Digital coordination strategy of protection and frequency stability for an islanded microgrid
      New reward and penalty scheme for electric distribution utilities employing load-based reliability indices
      Decentralised PEV charging coordination to absorb surplus wind energy via stochastically staggered dual-tariff schemes considering feeder-level regulations
      Methodology of risk assessment and decomposition in power grid applications
      Combining and comparing various machine-learning algorithms to improve dissolved gas analysis interpretation
      Single-ended travelling wave protection algorithm based on full waveform in the time and frequency domains
      Experimental investigation on safety and reliability of ball-eye under bending load in electrical systems
      High-impedance fault detection and classification in power system distribution networks using morphological fault detector algorithm
      Switching impulse discharge voltage prediction of EHV and UHV transmission lines–tower air gaps by a support vector classifier
      Transient inrush current detection and classification in 230 kV shunt capacitor bank switching under various transient-mitigation methods based on discrete wavelet transform
      Optimal planning and operation of static VAR compensators in a distribution system with non-linear loads
      Research on heat and electricity coordinated dispatch model for better integration of wind power based on electric boiler with thermal storage
      Contribution of FACTS devices in power systems security using MILP-based OPF
      Unidimensional Vertical Electrical Soundings involving uneven soil surfaces: improving the apparent resistivity measurements for soil modelling
      Customer reward-based demand response program to improve demand elasticity and minimise financial risk during price spikes
      Optimal operation management of a regional network of microgrids based on chance-constrained model predictive control
      Moving beyond the optimal transmission switching: stochastic linearised SCUC for the integration of wind power generation and equipment failures uncertainties

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