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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 14, 14 August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 14

14 August 2018

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    • IDA-PB control with integral action of Y-connected modular multilevel converter for fractional frequency transmission application
      Analysis of electrical shock hazard caused by electromagnetic coupling effects in parallel overhead high-voltage power lines
      Model predictive control approach for frequency and voltage control of standalone micro-grid
      Synchro-phasors Assisted Back-up Protection of Transmission Line
      Optimal reactive power resources sizing for power system operations enhancement based on improved grey wolf optimiser
      Improved droop control based on virtual reactance for battery cycle life equalisation management in microgrid
      Optimal sizing of an industrial microgrid considering socio-organisational aspects
      Analysis and control of tundish induction heating power supply using modular multilevel converter
      Capacitor voltage synchronising control-based VSG scheme for inertial and primary frequency responses of Type-4 WTGs
      Assessment of regional transmission connection capacity based on two novel indices
      Distributed virtual inertia control and stability analysis of dc microgrid
      Day-ahead demand side management using symbiotic organisms search algorithm
      Robust tuning of transient droop gains based on Kharitonov's stability theorem in droop-controlled microgrids
      Toward online multi-period power dispatch with AC constraints and renewable energy
      Non-linear LS-SVM with RBF-kernel-based approach for AGC of multi-area energy systems
      Two-stage load-scheduling model for the incentive-based demand response of industrial users considering load aggregators
      Modelling and estimation of gear train backlash present in wind turbine driven DFIG system
      Assessment of cycling costs of combined cycle units for frequency regulation
      Intentional controlled islanding: when to island for power system blackout prevention
      Novel application of integral-tilt-derivative controller for performance evaluation of load frequency control of interconnected power system
      New approach of automatic generation control based on absolute rotor angle droop control
      Short-term planning model for distribution network restructuring based on heat maps
      Centralised busbar differential and wavelet-based line protection system for multi-terminal direct current grids, with practical IEC-61869-compliant measurements
      New protection scheme for power transformer based on superimposed differential current
      Partial discharge ultrasonic detection based on EULER-MUSIC algorithm and conformal array sensor

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