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Volume 12, Issue 13, 31 July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 13

31 July 2018

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    • Effect of temperature on the production and diffusion behaviour of furfural in oil–paper insulation systems
      Entropy model for optimal coordination in high-voltage dielectric systems
      Kullback–Leibler divergence-based distributionally robust optimisation model for heat pump day-ahead operational schedule to improve PV integration
      Optimal design of IT2-FCS-based STATCOM controller applied to power system with wind farms using Taguchi method
      Alternative modes of operation for wind energy conversion systems and the generalised Lambert W-function
      Efficient method for the real-time contingency analysis of meshed HVDC power grids fed by VSC stations
      Framework for current transformer saturation detection and waveform reconstruction
      Factorial analysis for ageing assessment of in-service transformers
      Extended multi-energy demand response scheme for industrial integrated energy system
      Algorithm for adaptive single-phase reclosure on shunt-reactor compensated extra high voltage transmission lines considering beat frequency oscillation
      Allocation of transmission active losses through a novel power tracing-based technique
      Adaptive directional overcurrent relaying scheme for meshed distribution networks
      Reliability assessment of a multi-state distribution system with microgrids based on an accelerated Monte-Carlo method
      Risk-based coalition of cooperative microgrids in electricity market environment
      Adaptability of phase selectors based on phase-to-phase superimposed currents when confronting cross-voltage faults in mixed-voltage quadruple-circuit line system
      Fractional-order lead-lag compensator-based multi-band power system stabiliser design using a hybrid dynamic GA-PSO algorithm
      Power quality improvement using DSTATCOM with affine projection algorithm
      Distribution feeder-level day-ahead peak load forecasting methods and comparative study
      Influence of uncertainties and parameter structural dependencies in distribution system state estimation
      Fast distribution network reconfiguration with graph theory
      Demand baseline estimation using similarity-based technique for tropical and wet climates
      Local measurement-based technique for estimating fault location in multi-source DC microgrids
      Three-dimensional thermal modelling of transformers in transformer room for spatial and temporal failure analysis
      Efficient protection scheme for low-voltage DC micro-grid
      Optimal stochastic scheduling of thermal-wind GENCOs trading in the day-ahead market including bilateral contracts with BSS
      Distribution network reconfiguration based on vector shift operation
      Oscillation centre identification method based on frequency characteristics in multi-source oscillation scenes
      Cuckoo Search approach enhanced with genetic replacement of abandoned nests applied to optimal allocation of distributed generation units
      Probabilistic–possibilistic model for a parking lot in the smart distribution network expansion planning
      Prediction of electricity demand of China based on the analysis of decoupling and driving force

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