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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 12, 10 July 2018

Volume 12, Issue 12

10 July 2018

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    • Power transformers monitoring based on electrical measurements: state of the art
    • Non-communication protection scheme for power transmission system based on transient currents, HHT and SVM
      Prototyping and hardware-in-loop verification of OCR
      Thermal aging test for transformer oil–paper insulation under over-load condition temperature
      Estimating B-coefficients of power loss formula considering volatile power injections: an enhanced least square approach
      Economic dispatch considering the wind power forecast error
      MOPSO/FDMT-based Pareto-optimal solution for coordination of overcurrent relays in interconnected networks and multi-DER microgrids
      Integrated energy scheduling under uncertainty in a micro energy grid
      Minimisation of active power losses and number of control adjustments in the optimal reactive dispatch problem
      Optimal operation of a droop-controlled DCMG with generation and load uncertainties
      Enhanced heat transfer characteristics and ampacity analysis of a high-voltage overhead transmission line under aeolian vibration
      Dynamic optimal power flow model incorporating interval uncertainty applied to distribution network
      Fault location principle and 2-step isolation scheme for a loop-type DC grid
      Synergistic operation between battery energy storage and photovoltaic generator systems to assist management of microgrids
      Non-contact voltage measurement of three-phase overhead transmission line based on electric field inverse calculation
      SG parameters estimation based on synchrophasor data
      Controlling the thermal environment of underground cable lines using the pavement surface radiation properties
      Fast learning optimiser for real-time optimal energy management of a grid-connected microgrid
      Multi-nodal short-term energy forecasting using smart meter data
      Short-term operation of a distribution company: A pseudo-dynamic tabu search-based optimisation
      New perspectives about AC link based on half-wavelength properties for bulk power transmission with flexible distance
      DC fault protection for modular multi-level converter-based HVDC multi-terminal systems with solid state circuit breakers
      Earthing grid designs for heterogeneous soil structures in hilly regions using current simulation method
      Load service restoration in active distribution network based on stochastic approach
      Flexibility contribution of heat ventilation and air conditioning loads in a multi-stage robust unit commitment with non-deterministic variability-oriented ramp reserves
      Arc temperature profile measurement and characteristic analysis on an SF6 high-voltage CB
      Stochastic optimal TCSC placement in power system considering high wind power penetration
      Generalised extended-frequency dynamic phasor model of LCC-HVDC systems for electromagnetic transient simulations
      Inter-area oscillation damping with non-synchronised wide-area power system stabiliser
      End-user participation in a collaborative distributed voltage control and demand response programme
      Sequence-component-based current differential protection for transmission lines connected with IIGs
      Analytical solution for demand contracting with forecasting-error analysis on maximum demands and prices

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