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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 11, 19 June 2018

Volume 12, Issue 11

19 June 2018

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    • Chance-constrained scheduling model of grid-connected microgrid based on probabilistic and robust optimisation
      Relationship between high voltage insulators incidents and climatic factors in AC Algerian electrical networks using ARDL approach
      Optimal integration of DERs in coordination with existing VRs in distribution networks
      New adaptive and centralised under-voltage load shedding to prevent short-term voltage instability
      Modelling and analysis of a synchronous machine-emulated active intertying converter in hybrid AC/DC microgrids
      Research on the correlation between the frequency-domain characteristics of corona current and A-weighted sound level of audible noise for UHV DC transmission line
      Hierarchical control strategy for MVDC distribution network under large disturbance
      Enhanced proportional power sharing strategy based on adaptive virtual impedance in low-voltage networked microgrid
      High impedance fault detection method based on the short-time Fourier transform
      Optimum recloser–fuse coordination for radial distribution systems in the presence of multiple distributed generations
      Improved algorithm of wide-area current differential protection based on non-uniform quantisation
      Coordinated consensus for smart grid economic environmental power dispatch with dynamic communication network
      Developing a two-step method to implement residential demand response programmes in multi-carrier energy systems
      Extended ADMMs for RPO of large-scale power systems with discrete controls
      Control and operation of a solar PV-battery-grid-tied system in fixed and variable power mode
      Hybrid model for renewable energy and loads prediction based on data mining and variational mode decomposition
      Proposed three ratios technique for the interpretation of mineral oil transformers based dissolved gas analysis
      Control strategy of DFIG in hybrid micro-grid using sliding mode frequency controller and observer
      Primary frequency control of DFIG-WTs using bang-bang phase angle controller
      Probabilistic production simulation of a wind/photovoltaic/energy storage hybrid power system based on sequence operation theory
      Toward coordinated look-ahead reactive power optimisation for distribution networks with minimal control
      Overvoltage protection of solid-state switch for high-power low-voltage applications
      Stochastic analysis of electric transportation charging impacts on power quality of distribution systems
      Probabilistic load flow calculation based on sparse polynomial chaos expansion
      Application of generalised cross-entropy method in probabilistic power flow
      Analysis on the magnetic shunt structure of large power transformer
      Moisture estimation for oil-immersed bushing based on FDS method: field application
      Distributed residential energy resource scheduling with renewable uncertainties
      Self-tuned fuzzy-proportional–integral compensated zero/minimum active power algorithm based dynamic voltage restorer
      Evaluation of controlled energisation of an unloaded power transformer for minimising the level of inrush current and transient voltage distortion using PIR-CBs
      Reduced-order model for computing frequency oscillation mode of power systems

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