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Volume 12, Issue 10, 29 May 2018

Volume 12, Issue 10

29 May 2018

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    • Stability and control of mixed AC–DC systems with VSC-HVDC: a review
    • Circulating current suppression with improved DC-link power quality for modular multilevel converter
      Optimal PMU placement for pessimistic dynamic vulnerability assessment
      Modified concentric power swing blocker applicable in UPFC compensated line
      Understanding DC-side high-frequency resonance in MMC-HVDC system
      Provision of flexible ramping product by battery energy storage in day-ahead energy and reserve markets
      Transient overvoltage response performance of transformer windings with short-circuit fault
      Locating all real solutions of power flow equations: a convex optimisation-based method
      Algorithm for islanding detection in photovoltaic generator network connected to low-voltage grid
      Dynamic stability enhancement of TCSC-based tidal power generation using quasi-oppositional harmony search algorithm
      Hierarchical parallel dynamic estimator of states for interconnected power system
      MILP-based technique for smart self-healing grids
      Technique for inrush current modelling of power transformers based on core saturation analysis
      Real-time optimal management of reverse power flow in integrated power and gas distribution grids under large renewable power penetration
      Error reduction of phasor measurement unit data considering practical constraints
      Optimising regulation of aggregated thermostatically controlled loads based on multi-swarm PSO
      Estimating electromechanical oscillation modes from synchrophasor measurements in bulk power grids using FSSI
      Impacts of the model uncertainty on the voltage regulation problem of medium-voltage distribution systems
      Non-cooperative and cooperative optimisation of battery energy storage system for energy management in multi-microgrid
      Method for voltage drop compensation in a multi-terminal dc network
      Adaptive primary droop control for islanded operation of hybrid AC–DC MGs
      Power coordinated control method with frequency support capability for hybrid single/three-phase microgrid
      Coordinated predictive control for wind farm with BESS considering power dispatching and equipment ageing
      Design and implementation of perturbation observer-based robust passivity-based control for VSC-MTDC systems considering offshore wind power integration
      Wide-area measurement system-based model-free approach of post-fault rotor angle trajectory prediction for on-line transient instability detection
      Artificial intelligence-based short-circuit fault identifier for MT-HVDC systems
      Hierarchical optimisation strategy in microgrid based on the consensus of multi-agent system
      PSO of power cable performance in complex surroundings
      Single-phase high-impedance fault protection for low-resistance grounded distribution network
      Decentralised frequency-based control of a population of heterogeneous ACs without power oscillations
      Moisture estimation for oil-immersed bushing based on FDS method: at a reference temperature
    • Measurements on partial discharge in on-site operating power transformer: a case study

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