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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 12, Issue 1, 02 January 2018

Volume 12, Issue 1

02 January 2018

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    • Development of a novel 20 kV 0.1 Hz very low frequency cosine-rectangular voltage generator for multi-functional insulation testing of MV power cables
      Precise dynamic initialisation of fixed-speed wind turbines under active-stall and active-pitch controls from their aerodynamic power coefficients using unified Newton–Raphson power-flow approach
      Multi-objective optimisation of step voltage regulator operation and optimal placement for distribution systems design using linkage combination update-non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II
      ANFIS-based sensor fault-tolerant control for hybrid grid
      Advanced power system partitioning method for fast and reliable restoration: toward a self-healing power grid
      Available transfer capability evaluation in a deregulated electricity market considering correlated wind power
      Topology and control strategy of power optimisation for photovoltaic arrays and inverters during partial shading
      Smart grid element: efficient controllable inductance with virtual air gap
      Optimal reliability improvement strategy in radial distribution networks with island operation of distributed generation
      Reconfiguration for loadability limit enhancement of distribution systems
      Fault location approach for distribution systems based on modern monitoring infrastructure
      Lightning flash algorithm for solving non-convex combined emission economic dispatch with generator constraints
      A compositive control method of low-voltage ride through for PMSG-based wind turbine generator system
      Feasibility of fast restoration of power systems by micro-grids
      Application of hybrid real-time power system simulator for research and setting a momentary and sustained fast turbine valving control
      Smart load management of distribution-class toroidal transformers using a dynamic thermal model
      Abductive identification of bad data: methodology and field test
      A new strategy based on hybrid battery–wind power system for wind power dispatching
      Methodology for the analysis of dc-network resonance-related instabilities in voltage-source converter-based multi-terminal HVDC systems
      Data-driven distributionally robust reserve and energy scheduling over Wasserstein balls
      Protection coordination of directional overcurrent relays: new time current characteristic and objective function
      Hardware-based hybrid scheme to improve the fault ride through capability of doubly fed induction generator under symmetrical and asymmetrical fault
      Fault location on branched networks using mathematical morphology
      Short-circuit-constrained transmission expansion planning with bus splitting flexibility
      Numerical busbar differential protection using generalised alpha plane
      Switching transients in a 2 × 15 kV 16.7 Hz autotransformer railway system
      Research on three-phase optimal power flow for distribution networks based on constant Hessian matrix
      Identification of modal interaction and small signal stability in autonomous microgrid operation
      Enhancing fault ride-through capability of DFIG with modified SMES-FCL and RSC control

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