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Volume 11, Issue 9, 22 June 2017

Volume 11, Issue 9

22 June 2017

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    • Probabilistic load flow analysis of active distribution network adopting improved sequence operation methodology
      Design considerations of superconducting fault current limiters for power system stability enhancement
      MPC-based microgrid control with supplementary fault current limitation and smooth transition mechanisms
      Point and interval forecasting of real-time and day-ahead electricity prices by a novel hybrid approach
      Holistic performance evaluation framework: power distribution network health index
      Controlling active power of wind farms to participate in load frequency control of power systems
      Hidden cross-subsidies of net energy metering practice: energy distribution losses reallocation due to prosumers’ and storsumers’ integration
      Medium- and low-voltage planning of radial electric power distribution systems considering reliability
      Analytical technique for synchronous generator loss-of-excitation protection
      Emission-economic dispatch of thermal power generation units in the presence of hybrid electric vehicles and correlated wind power plants
      Optimal hourly scheduling of distributed generation and capacitors for minimisation of energy loss and reduction in capacitors switching operations
      Co-optimisation for distribution networks with multi-microgrids based on a two-stage optimisation model with dynamic electricity pricing
      Implementation and performance evaluation of a harmonic filter for use in adaptive single-phase reclosing
      Moisture effect on conductivity of kraft paper immersed in power transformer vegetable-based insulation oils
      Operation and control of HVDC stations using continuous mixed p-norm-based adaptive fuzzy technique
      Finite element analysis to predict temperature rise tests in high-capacity substation connectors
      Optimal droop gains assignment for real-time energy management in an islanding microgrid: a two-layer techno-economic approach
      Artificial emotional reinforcement learning for automatic generation control of large-scale interconnected power grids
      Application of UIPC to improve power system stability and LVRT capability of SCIG-based wind farms
      Analytical discrete Fourier transformer-based phasor estimation method for reducing transient impact of capacitor voltage transformer
      Protection scheme for power transmission lines based on SVM and ANN considering the presence of non-linear loads
      Cross-voltage short-circuit calculation for mixed-voltage quadruple-circuit lines on the same tower
      Bad area detection and whitening transformation-based identification in three-phase distribution state estimation
      Strong dynamic interactions between multi-terminal DC network and AC power systems caused by open-loop modal coupling
      Comparative study on the dynamic migration of cellulose particles and its effect on the conductivity in natural ester and mineral oil under DC electrical field
      Stability of mineral oil and oil–ester mixtures under thermal ageing and electrical discharges
      Simple method of fundamental reactive power measurement for ASIC application
      Operating strategy and optimal allocation of large-scale VRB energy storage system in active distribution networks for solar/wind power applications
      Rapid identification of worst-case conditions: improved planning of active distribution grids
      Multi-objective Taguchi approach for optimal DG integration in distribution systems

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