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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 11, Issue 8, 01 June 2017

Volume 11, Issue 8

01 June 2017

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    • Real-time monitoring of zone 3 vulnerable distance relays to prevent maloperation under load encroachment condition
      Spatial-temporal decomposition approach for systematically tracking dominant modes, mode shapes and coherent groups in power systems
      Electrical erosion test and condition assessment of SF6 CB contact sets
      Demand response under real-time pricing for domestic households with renewable DGs and storage
      Characteristics of electromechanical disturbance propagation in non-uniform power systems
      Probabilistic transmission network planning based on risk criteria
      Enhanced real-time power balancing of an AC microgrid through transiently coupled droop control
      Intelligent localisation of multiple non-linear loads considering impact of harmonic state estimation accuracy
      Influence of grading capacitor of multiple-break circuit breaker on the extinction of secondary arc – a new method for reducing dead time
      Non-linear fuzzy predictive control of hydroelectric system
      Single-phase solar grid-interfaced system with active filtering using adaptive linear combiner filter-based control scheme
      Approach of generation fleet voltage schedule validation for power system voltage stability
      Alternative linearisations for the operating cost function of UC problems
      Observation and analysis of the sparkover around grounding electrode under impulse current
      Integration of solar photovoltaic with battery to single-phase grid
      Resiliency oriented integration of DSRs in transmission networks
      Analysis of electromagnetic force for medium frequency transformer with interleaved windings
      Stochastic scheduling ensuring air quality through wind power and storage coordination
      Application of a combined electro-thermal overhead line model in power flow and time-domain power system simulations
      Modelling of non-uniform lines using rational approximation and mode revealing transformation
      Intelligent busbar protection scheme based on combination of support vector machine and S-transform
      Ultra-high-speed travelling wave directional protection based on electronic transformers
      Distributed optimal energy scheduling based on a novel PD pricing strategy in smart grid
      Distributed travelling-wave-based fault location without time synchronisation and wave velocity error
      Microsecond-scale fast fusing and cutout characteristics of high current fuse
      Accurate modelling of discrete AGC controllers for interconnected power systems
      Adaptive critical eigenvalues tracing via projected continuation of invariant subspace
      Fast electro-thermal simulation of short-circuit tests
      Two-layer volt/var/total harmonic distortion control in distribution network based on PVs output and load forecast errors
      High-performance control system for grid-tied ESSs

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