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Volume 11, Issue 7, 11 May 2017

Volume 11, Issue 7

11 May 2017

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    • Use of superconducting fault current limiters for mitigation of distributed generation influences in radial distribution network fuse–recloser protection systems
      Decentralised power sharing control strategy in LV microgrids under unbalanced load conditions
      Adaptive distance protection scheme with quadrilateral characteristic for extremely high-voltage/ultra-high-voltage transmission line
      Sequence current component and its power direction-based improved protection for spot network with DERs
      Methodology to assess distribution transformer thermal capacity for uptake of low carbon technologies
      Determination of busbar system heat losses in naturally ventilated and hermetic switchgear
      Effective method to determine time-delay stability margin and its application to power systems
      Impact of plant outage on ferroresonance and maloperation of differential protection in the presence of SVC in electrical network
      EV charging behaviour analysis and modelling based on mobile crowdsensing data
      Symbiotic organisms search algorithm for automatic generation control of interconnected power systems including wind farms
      Particle filter-based dual estimation for synchronous generators
      Optimal tripping transmission lines scheme based on SCC level and voltage stability
      Modelling probabilistic transmission expansion planning in the presence of plug-in electric vehicles uncertainty by multi-state Markov model
      Method for accurately measuring the power-frequency parameters of EHV/UHV transmission lines
      Variation of UPFC controllable parameters during power swing and their impacts on distance relay
      Modified Thevenin-based voltage instability indicator and load shedding approach for MCF connected network
      Stochastic energy storage capacity model of EV parking lots
      Comprehensive assessment of virtual synchronous machine based voltage source converter controllers
      Adaptive single-phase reclosure scheme for transmission lines with shunt reactors based on current inner product
      Market pricing with single-generator-failure security constraints
      Non-intrusive energy saving appliance recommender system for smart grid residential users
      Optimal phasor measurement units placement for full observability of power system using improved particle swarm optimisation
      Optimal monitoring of voltage sags through simultaneous analysis of short-circuits in distribution systems
      Positive sequence induction motor speed control drive model for time-domain simulations
      Robust optimisation-based microgrid scheduling with islanding constraints
      Z-number-based negotiation model for determining two-part transmission tariffs of cross-regional transmission projects
      Motor-generator pair: a novel solution to provide inertia and damping for power system with high penetration of renewable energy
      Characterisation of long-term voltage stability with variable-speed wind power generation
      Approach for smart meter load profiling in Monte Carlo simulation applications
      Modified field-to-line coupling model for simulating the corona effect on the lightning induced voltages of multi-conductor transmission lines over a lossy ground

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