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Volume 11, Issue 6, 20 April 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

20 April 2017

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    • Distributed coordination regulation marginal cost control strategy for automatic generation control of interconnected power system
      Optimal transmission access for generators in wind-integrated power systems: stochastic and robust programming approaches
      Optimal scheduling of independently operated, locally controlled energy storage systems as dispatchable assets in a competitive electricity market
      Payment minimisation auction with security constraints
      Double-ended technique for distinguishing series faults from shunt faults on transmission lines using the sequential components of impedance
      Loss allocation in restructured radial distribution networks considering the contractual power
      Voltage stability assessment and identification of important nodes in power transmission network through network response structural characteristics
      Voltage sag assessment using type-2 fuzzy system considering uncertainties in distribution system
      Quantitative diagnosis of moisture content in oil-paper condenser bushing insulation based on frequency domain spectroscopy and polarisation and depolarisation current
      Non-linear characteristic quantity extraction of ferroresonance overvoltage time series
      Multi-group particle swarm optimisation for transmission expansion planning solution based on LU decomposition
      Design of reactive power and reactive power reserve market
      Contamination characteristics of disc-suspension insulator of transmission line in wind tunnel
      Robust reactive power optimisation and voltage control method for active distribution networks via dual time-scale coordination
      Robust allocation of reserves considering different reserve types and the flexibility from HVDC
      Pollution accumulation characteristics of insulators under natural rainfall
      Efficient method for discrimination between inrush current and internal faults in power transformers based on the non-saturation zone
      Fuzzy logic controlled variable resistor for suppressing GIC in transformers
      Voltage and frequency control during microgrid islanding in a multi-area multi-microgrid system
      Adaptive distance protection for grounded fault of lines connected with doubly-fed induction generators
      Gauss–Newton-based fast and simple recursive algorithm for compensation using shunt active power filter
      Analysis of Hopf bifurcation with forecast uncertainties in load/generation
      Normalised normal constraint algorithm applied to multi-objective security-constrained optimal generation dispatch of large-scale power systems with wind farms and pumped-storage hydroelectric stations
      Optimal distributed generation allocation for reactive power control
      Fuzzy based methodologies comparison for high-impedance fault diagnosis in radial distribution feeders
      New phasor-based approach for online and fast prediction of generators grouping using decision tree
      Modelling seabed buried cables for electromagnetic transient analysis
      Game-theoretic dispatch control in microgrids considering network losses and renewable distributed energy resources integration
      Uncertain flow calculations of a distribution network containing DG based on blind number theory
      Forecast ratio and security analysis of rating forecasting methods in an overhead line

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